Rapid.Space: High Performance, Low Cost, Ethical Cloud based on Open Hardware and Free Software

Nexedi launches beta phase of * low cost, high performance, ethical cloud * based on Open Hardware, Open Source Free Software and circular economy
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Government Selects SlapOS Decentralized Cloud to Serve 30.000 users

SlapOS, the open source decentralized Cloud platform, was selected by government in Africa to power its data center and provide access to 10 mission critical applications to 30,000 users. It is the first commercial success of SlapOS on the sovereign Cloud market, only 3 months after its commercial introduction on June 18th, 2012.
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Nexedi announces Low Cost, Resilient and Eco-Friendly Cloud Computing for Sovereign Applications based on SlapOS

Nexedi, creator of ERP5 open source ERP and inventor of decentralized Cloud Computing, will introduce at the Solutions Linux exhibition in Paris, low cost and eco-friendly Cloud Computing for Government applications. The service based on SlapOS technology provides 90% cost savings compared to legacy virtualization technology. It leads to 75% energy savings compared to traditional server infrastructure. It supports resiliency to force majeure events such as terrorism, natural disaster, war or strikes.
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