Nexedi Facts & Figures

Nexedi was founded in 2001 with the creation of the ERP5 project whose first implementation was awarded "Best ERP project" in 2004. Developing strictly open-source, Nexedi is one of the largest OSS publishers in Europe with all solutions based on prior research projects. Headquarters are located in Lille, France with Nexedi offices serving clients around the world in Germany, Japan and China.

Jean-Paul Smets

Nexedi, Jean-Paul Smets, Founder & CEO

Founder of Nexedi and initial author of ERP5, Jean-Paul is currently in charge of Nexedi international development, investment relations and technology partnerships. Jean-Paul graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure with a PhD in computer science and from Ecole des Mines de Paris with a Master in Public Administration. He gained industrial experience in Apparel Industry, Oil industry, Non Profit Organizations and Lorraine Region Public Administration. He is an active member of Free Software associations and has played in key role in the Eurolinux campaign which succeeded in protecting innovation from software patents.


We are an international team of developers, consultants, academics and system integrators. We are organized in a flat hierarchy which aligns with our agile development model. Many of our developers have lead or contributed to open source projects, such as Grub, Mercurial or Zope. Some are active members of free software organizations, such as the Free Software Foundation (FSF) or the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V. (FFII).

Key Figures

Founded 2001
Annual Turnover ~ 3 Mio. Euro
Industries Automative | Aerospace | Banking | Manufacturing | Healthcare | Tolling
Offices Lille | Paris | Tokyo | Munich | Shanghai
Employees ~ 35

Business Opportunities

Do you consider open-source both opportunity and option? Nexedi has a proven track record of successful ERP implementations across different industries around the globe. Our solutions emphazise flexibility, security and long-term system stability critical to many of todays businesses.

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We are looking for developers and researchers who help us create free, mission-critical enterprise software. We offer high-responsibility jobs with the possibility to quickly evolve into managing positions. If you are passionate about free software, Nexedi is the place where you can unfold your talents.

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