Values We Strive For

When Jean-Paul Smets founded the ERP5 project in 2001, neither researchers nor practitioners could explain him a universal model of management. Eventually he invented the Unified Business Model (UBM) and based ERP5 upon it. The model describes all business processes of a company by relying on five generic concepts only. Thanks to this unification, ERP5 is more flexible, easier to implement, maintain and extend.

At Nexedi, we are continually repeating this story with a constant flow of innovative enterprise solutions like simulation based planning, our unified accounting model or automated software distribution for the cloud. From these stories we draw our vision: design elegant, rock-solid and sustainable solutions for enterprise problems and never surrender to ignorance. From our story we draw our Values:


Computer science is a powerful tool: it should match the need of its users and provide the necessary quality. We advise companies from various business sectors and countries on the design and implementation of mission critical entreprise solutions. To achieve this, we place the relationship with customers as the cornerstone of a successful project. We strictly abide to provide the premium service their projects require. Our standard implementation process and methodology focuses on reducing lead time and offer maximum flexibility for scalable systems. To enforce continous quality, Nexedi's development guidelines are based on the idea that "Prevention Cannot Wait" because preventing is always more cost effective than repairing. Prevention is based on testing: unit tests, functional tests, performance tests, scalability tests and naming convention tests. Our software is designed test-oriented and all tests will run continuously on our own and client implementations to secure regretions from happening.

To get an idea of the types of projects and clients Nexedi serves, have a look at our Success Cases.


As a duty towards our customer and our philosophy, Nexedi stays on the forefront of information technology by putting strong emphasis on research and innovation. We are continuously investing in open source projects together with academic institutions and partner companies and have many software products originating from former research projects. Key topics of interest include business intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, distributed web and data storages. Nexedi's own innovations, such as the Unified Business Model (UBM) or the ERP5 Implementation Process lie at the core of our solutions and business practices. They have been both researched extensively and academically published.

Our Innovation section offers an in-depth look into Nexedi's efforts to push the boundaries of what state-of-the-art open source software is capable of.


Free Software

Nexedi's' commitment to free software reaches back to the company foundation and development of ERP5. We believe open source software is critical for success in todays business world, it provides flexibility and long-term stability for core processes. Since ERP5, Nexedi has created, released and still maintains a number of open source software products ranging from commercial solutions, appstores, supporting software & services as well as maintained forks of third-party software critical to our own products. Together, all solutions total in over 10 million lines of code, making Nexedi one of the largest OSS publishers in Europe.

Please refer to the free software section for an overview of Nexedi solutions and innovations.


To serve our customers, innovate, defend free software and acchieve success, we require from our staff skills, flexibility and effort. This is why Nexedi puts emphasis on flat hierarchies, paperless offices, no meetings and most of all, quality engineers from around the world. We think it is a requirement to provide oppurtonites and time to refine one skills, broaden them and add new ones. There lies quality and innovation. 

We are constantly looking for talented developers to join our team, if you are interested in joining our cause, please have a look at our current career opportunties.