Government Selects SlapOS Decentralized Cloud to Serve 30.000 users

SlapOS, the open source decentralized Cloud platform, was selected by government in Africa to power its data center and provide access to 10 mission critical applications to 30,000 users. It is the first commercial success of SlapOS on the sovereign Cloud market, only 3 months after its commercial introduction on June 18th, 2012.
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Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan) - September 26, 2012. SlapOS, the open source decentralized Cloud platform, was selected by the Ministry of Interior of Ivory Coast to power its data center and provide access to 10 mission critical applications to 30,000 users. It is the first commercial success of SlapOS on the sovereign Cloud market, only 3 months after its commercial introduction on June 18th, 2012.

SlapOS is an open source platform for decentralized Cloud Computing developed by a community of independent developers and companies (Alixen, Dashingsoft, Nexedi, VIFIB SARL, Wallix, ZP Websites).

Stéphane Konan, Director of Information Systems at the Ministry of Interior of Ivory Coast explains: "Resilience and auditability are essential requirements for sovereign Cloud. We selected SlapOS because open source provides full auditability of code and Decentralized Cloud provides resilience in case of force majeure."

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, says: "SlapOS redefines the market of Cloud Computing through simpler approach: Decentralized Cloud Computing. By using only two common off-the-shelf software components instead of 6 or more in traditional Cloud platforms, SlapOS achieves better resilience at less than half of the cost."

Cédric de Saint Martin, VIFIB CTO, adds: "SlapOS leverages modern Eco-efficient hardware such as Supermicro's MicroCloud platform and Intel's Solid State Disks (SSD) to reduce costs without compromise on performance. A half-bay with two MicroCloud servers and gigagbit switch can serve 30,000 users. At least twice as much applications per server can be provisioned with SlapOS container technology than with traditional virtualization."

"Remote support of SlapOS platform in compliance with the highest auditability standards relies on Wallix Admin Bastion (WAB) appliances" notices Jean-Noël de Galzain, Wallix CEO who adds "our appliance traces all accesses of privileged users to SlapOS in order to maintain a trusted Cloud environment".

Pablo Moratinos, CEO of SECURIPORT S.A. in Ivory Coast and SlapOS system integrator adds "SlapOS pilot deployment in partnership with the Directorate of Information Systems, Ministry of Interior of Ivory Coast, is a first step towards the deployment of SlapOS in West Africa to meet the requirements of governements for a resilient sovereign Cloud."

Yusei Tahara, CEO of Nexedi KK, concludes: "SlapOS resilience technology was developed in Tokyo at Nexedi KK. Six copies of critical data and applications code are automatically tested for disaster recovery on a daily basis. Three copies are hosted in two government data centers. Three additional encrypted copies are hosted in VIFIB decentralized platform to mitigate the risk of simultaneous destruction of government data centers by natural disaster or by terrorist attack."

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  • Yusei Tahara - CEO Nexedi KK - yusei (at) nexedi (dot) com - Tel. +81 (0) 3 5829 9433

About SlapOS

SlapOS is an open source software for personal Cloud Computing. SlapOS helps people and businesses to easily deploy their own Cloud Computing infrastructure. SlapOS modular architecture supports all aspects of Cloud Computing: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Its technology which unifies the exploitation of the Cloud infrastructures supports all aspects of Cloud automation: administration, deployment, provisioning, configuration, monitoring, backup, restore, test, upgrade, data migration and billing of enterprise applications.

SlapOS is compatible with major industry standards: VMWare, OpenStack, Amazon, Azure, GANDI, Rackspace, OVH, OpenNebula, Eucalyptus, LXC, etc. SlapOS can federate multiple public or private Clouds as if they were a single Cloud and thus reduce Cloud Computing costs. SlapOS can be used to deploy massively decentralized Cloud Computing infrastructures with a lower energy footprint and higher resiliency in case of force majeure events.

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About the Directorate of Information Systems, Ministry of Interior of Ivory Coast

The Directorate of Information Systems is a directorate part of the general directorate of scientific police within within the Ministry of Interior of Ivory Coast. Its missions are:

  1. Provide technical expertise on information technologies within the Ministry of Interior of Ivory Coast.
  2. Support crime investigation capacities of Police Departments through information technologies.
  3. Fight against cybercrime.

Its staff consists of about 100 civil servants.

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About Nexedi

Nexedi is the creator and leader of the ERP5 Open Source ERP project. Nexedi has developed and deployed ERP5 for a wide range of industries such as aerospace, apparel, banking, healthcare and government. ERP5 is used in companies of all sizes in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South Americas.The open source nature of ERP5 eliminates licensing costs and provides full freedom to update and customise the system as business requirements change with no single vendor lock-in.

Nexedi is a major contributor to the SlapOS technology, a distributed Cloud Computing system compatible with the leading market standards and designed for resilience and reversibility for critical applications.

Nexedi provides 24H around-the-clock support to corporations and governments wishing to migrate their mission critical applications to open source software solutions.

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About Securiport SA

SECURIPORT SA is a subsidiary in Ivory Coast of Washington, D.C.-based company, Securiport. Securiport delivers specialized services to governments across the world, focusing on airport security and immigration control through biometric scanning and data collection. The company's Integrated Immigration Control System is a comprehensive technology suite that provides secure biometric recognition of travelers at immigration checkpoints, as well as inclusion of individuals in reliable, state-of-the-art security databases. Securiport delivers a diversity of services, including immigration processing, national-ID registry, and more. The company is zealous for using top-of-the-line technology to enhance airport security and border control processes. Securiport operates in 17 countries, which include in West Africa Sénégal, Sierra Léone, Guinée Equatoriale, République de Guinée, Côte d’Ivoire et Nigéria.

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About Wallix

WALLIX is the global leader in Privileged User Management and have succeeded in combining the three core requirements of managing privileged users, password management, access control and traceability, into a single easy to deploy appliance – The Wallix AdminBastion (WAB). WALLIX’s solutions are distributed through a network of VARs across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and North America. The solutions are designed to meet the compliance and governance needs of organisations across all industry sectors. Wallix is a highly innovative technology company with customers across the world and offices in France, the UK and the USA.

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About ViFiB

ViFiB, a company of Nexedi Group, is specialized in Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery. ViFiB is a major contributor to SlapOS open source Cloud Computing technology. ViFiB operates SlapOS on a massively decentralized infrastructure designed to protect critical corporate data against possible downtime or destruction of centralized Cloud Computing infrastructures.

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