• GKR Rubber Group - Factory

    14 Factories
    in 3 months

    ERP5 offline HTML5 technology solves network connectivity in remote areas.

    GKR Guangdong Guangken Rubber Group Co.,Ltd.

    Read More... Contact Project duration: 3 months Rapid, test-based implementation of central ERP5 instance connecting with remote web applications over a re6st-based, IPv6 mesh network.
  • Testimonial Profile Picture - Frederic Chalier

    Custom ERP5
    delivered in 4 months

    130,000 new customers after one year, 22,000 invoice / hour

    Frédéric Charlier SANEF Project Manager

    Enterprise Contact Project duration 2 - 24 months Flexible implementation of scalable applications through rapid development, test based quality assurance and responsive user interface design
  • Testimonial Profile Picture - Klaus Wölfel

    powered by artificial intelligence

    2000 students trained in 6 months, 1000 ERP deployed by SlapOS

    Klaus Wölfel OSOE Project Manager

    Scholar Contact MOOC duration 3 - 20 days Complete web-based tutorials through dedicated ERP5 instance and online questionnaire system for final assessment based on real world business case

Nexedi is Europe's largest open-source software (OSS) publisher and creator of ERP5. At Nexedi, we design, develop and deploy enterprise solutions ranging from ERP to pure Decentralized Cloud and Industrial Big Data.

Latest News

10-05 2016

Nexedi Enterprise Free Software Meetup - Tokyo 2016

Nexedi KK holds a mini event at 31 May 2016 to talk about the latest roadmap and success cases of ERP5 and other Free Software developed by Nexedi group.
06-05 2016

Wendelin: early prototype of a Pandas-based Inventory API

The Inventory API is one of the areas of ERP5 that demands the most processing power to do calculations over all the client's stock movements. We created a Wendelin prototype to see if we could expand the capacities of the Inventory API using Pandas.
01-04 2016

Wendelin: 0.5 released

Wendelin has just announced the new 0.5 release. This release integrates Jupyter into Wendelin providing a familiar interface when working with data. Work has also been gone into upgrading to Wendelin Core 0.5 as well as simplifying the standalone install process.
30-03 2016

SlapOS hyperconvergent OS powers "TeraLab", Institut Mines Télécom's Big Data Platform

Nexedi and ViFiB celebrate one year of reliable deployment of SlapOS to run Teralab, the Big Data platform of Institut Mines Télécom which is at the core of multiple data science research and innovation activities of companies listed on Euronext. SlapOS has proven during one year to be the most efficient, universal and cost effective hyperconvergent operating system with a total operating cost of 40€ per server per month and the ability to support huge loads typical of big data.