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  • Frederic Chalier

    Custom ERP5
    delivered in 4 months

    130,000 new customers after one year, 22,000 invoice / hour

    Frédéric Charlier SANEF Project Manager

    Enterprise Contact Project duration 2 - 24 months Flexible implementation of scalable applications through rapid development, test based quality assurance and responsive user interface design
  • Klaus Wölfel

    powered by artificial intelligence

    2000 students trained in 6 months, 1000 ERP deployed by SlapOS

    Klaus Wölfel OSOE Project Manager

    Scholar Contact MOOC duration 3 - 20 days Complete web-based tutorials through dedicated ERP5 instance and online questionnaire system for final assessment based on real world business case

Nexedi is Europe's largest open-source software (OSS) publisher and creator of ERP5. At Nexedi, we design, develop and deploy enterprise solutions ranging from Enterprise Resource Plannig (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Electronic Commerce (EBIZ) to pure Cloud Hosting and Big Data Computing. We provide 24/7 dedicated support to the most demanding companies and mission critical applications.

28-07 2015

EOS Venture launches the first PSI-accredited equity crowdfunding platform in France built with open-source ERP5 and technologies from the French Systematic Cluster

Two months after its launch, EOS Venture is the only PSI ACPR-accredited equity crowdfunding platform in France, is built with the ERP/CRM modules of Nexedi's ERP5 and hosted on SlapOS.
17-07 2015

NEO: new release 1.4 announced

NEO announce the release of NEO 1.4, which is published on pypi as "neoppod". With improved "importer", added support for TokuDB, new configuration options and a variety of bugfixes.
23-06 2015

re6stnet: ipv6 used in cloud in production since 2012

This blog post is about re6stnet, our open source network which solves the address space shortage problem by providing IPv6 on top of existing IPv4. Re6stnet is in production at Nexedi since 2012.