"Wendelin" Big Data Libre Announced at MariaDB Community Event

Launch of Wendelin Exanalytics at MariaDB conference, Santa Clara, April 3
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"Wendelin" Big Data Libre Announced at MariaDB Community Event

Press Release

Santa Clara (California), April 3, 2014 – The "Wendelin" Big Data project was announced at MariaDB Community Event in Santa Clara. Based on MariaDB, NEO and scikit-learn, Wendelin Exanalytics intends to provide best or breed out-of-core data analytics for applications such as intrusion detection, fraud detection, economic prevision, marketing, media analysis, public security, brain computer interface and Internet Of Things.

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, explains: "Wendelin Exanalytics will combine NEO distributed storage protocol, MariaDB database and scikit-learn machine learning toolkit to provide high performance out-of-core data analytics that can be deployed on elastic multi-cloud."

Gael Varoquaux, at the origin of scikit-learn and researcher at INRIA, says: "We are pleased that scikit-learn further extends its reach to business applications and to MariaDB community. We encourage open source contributions to improve a tool that is now essential for big data research."

Alexandre Gramfort, assistant professor in machine learning, core developer of scikit-learn, adds: "The Wendelin project will collaborate and contribute to other out-of-core projects in the numpy community. Our goal is to steadily improve Wendelin open source technology in any practical way that can help us to implement new algorithms and solve difficult big data problems."

Michael Widenius, creator or MariaDB, concludes: "MariaDB has been able since day 1 to support mission critical applications such as ERPs in S&P100 companies. With projects such as Wendelin, MariaDB will also become a choice platform for Big Data."

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