Open Source Software Solutions

Nexedi has created and maintains a number of open source projects providing commercial services for ERP5 (Business Management Software), Wendelin (Big Data Platform) and SlapOS (cloud hosting and orchestration).

If you are interested in a Nexedi solution, get in touch with us! Our sales, support and technical staff are happy to assist you and can be reached through our contact section.

ERP5 Logo

ERP5 is a system to manage and run businesses of all sizes. It consists of a core system and installable extensions (called "business templates", like accounting). Components are based on what we call "unified business model", according to which all aspects of a corporation can be described using only 5 generic concepts (Node, Movement, Resource, Item, Path) - hence the name "ERP5".

The architecture of ERP5 is therefore simple with a compact data model yet at the same time fully generic allowing us to build highly customized applications either by developing new templates or extending existing ones, which already cover topics such as:

  • Material Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Data and Knowledge Management (KM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Electronic Commerce (EBIZ)
  • Financial Management (FM)

ERP5 is auditable, highly scalable and in production around the world, helping a variety of companies with implementations ranging from multi-site manufacturing solutions, accounting systems spanning several countries and complying with respective legal standards to customer relationship management solutions serving millions of users or even central bank payment processing backbones.

If you are looking for a new ERP and would like more information, please visit our Sucess Stories section, the ERP5 product details, the ERP5 website or get in touch with us directly.

SlapOS Logo

SlapOS is an open source grid-operating system for cloud computing focusing on automation, security and resiliency. At Nexedi, we use SlapOS to manage and orchestrate both third-party networks (client servers) as well as providing full infastructure-and-management-as-a-service solutions (our servers). Of course, all ERP5 implementations run by Nexedi also use SlapOS as underlying operating system.

SlapOS is based on the principle: "Everything is a process". This process-based architecture allows to share a single server's resources (RAM, CPU and libraries) across multiple users and applications resulting in higher capacity utilization per server and lower maintenance cost compared to classic cloud providers.

Resiliency is achieved by automatically creating a grid spanning multiple data-centers and if possible continents in order to avoid risk of data loss based on electricity failure or connectivity loss. SlapOS also includes business processes (through ERP5), allowing to easily add extensions such as user management and invoicing. This way slapOS can provide decentralized IAAS (Infrastructure), PAAS (Platform) and SAAS (Software) service solutions at a fraction of the cost of comparable cloud providers - with a fully open source codebase.

If you are looking for a scalable solution to reliably manage your own cloud or want to run your solution on Nexedis infrastructure, you can find further information on the SlapOS product details or the SlapOS website itself. The Sucess Stories section provides some sample implementations as reference. For additional information, fell free to contact us.

Wendelin Logo

Wendelin is a software system specifically designed for Big Data. It includes standardized data import/ingestion interfaces, distributed storage and out-of-core analysis allowing truly "big" computation beyond the limits of available RAM/memory. In addition, as all components are Python based, Wendelin allows to focus solely on analysis without having to worry about recompilation and data conversion.

Wendelin interfaces with many popular big data libraries, such as fluentD for data ingestion, IPython Notebook and NumPy for analysis or scikit-learn for machine learning. This makes Wendelin the ideal foundation for complex and very large monitoring, analysis and machine learning applications.

"Under the hood", Wendelin uses many of Nexedis technologies. Data storage is handled through NEO, our noSQL, transactional, distributed database. SlapOS is used for multi-cloud deployment while ERP5 acts as PAAS (platform-as-a-service) solution, providing a complete environment for rapid development of custom big data applications.

If you are in need of a future-proof solution to handle big data or would like to have more information on the technical details, please visit the Wendelin product details or the Wendelin website directly. We are also happy to provide information in person - just visit to our contact site and get in touch with us!