SlapOS - Open Source Mesh Cloud Operation System

SlapOS is an open source grid-operating solution for managing and deploying cloud infrastructures. It was built on the premise 'everything is a service' and can automate any service on any platform including build, provisioning, orchestration, configuration, monitoring, operation, backup, recovery and billing (via ERP5).
  • Last Update:2015-09-23
  • Version:001
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Process-Based Architecture

SlapOS is a grid-operating system for managing cloud infrastructures. It was built with the premise "everything is a service" and can automate the build, provisioning, orchestration, configuration, monitoring, operation, backup, recovery and billing (via ERP5) of any service on any platform, making SlapOS an ideal solution for simplifying and automating complex cloud infrastructres which often tend to grow from manually managed to unmanageable as applications mature.

Shared-Resource Efficiencies

Another benefit of the process-based architecture of SlapOS is the possibility to share a single server's resources (RAM, CPU, even libraries) across multiple users and applications. SlapOS thereby reduces the need to build large data centers by aggregating computing resources present in a network as if thery were provided by a single machine. The result is a significantly higher capacity utilization per server along with lower maintenance cost compared to traditional cloud providers. This architecture also supports scaling both horizontally (more servers) and vertically (more resources per server) out-of-box making SlapOS ideal for high computational tasks and the most demanding applications.

Resiliceny and Security

Nexedis re6st software component uses the latest edge computing technologies to mitigate connectivity issues for low-latency applications (requiring fast response times), while the risk of connection loss (electricity failure or hardware failure) is handled by the SlapOS disaster recovery stack. This component continually tests the ability to rebuild and restore any application and its data on multiple remote infrastructures on a daily basis and automatically switches to another location in case of a connection loss making SlapOS an ideal solution even for strict disaster recovery policies.

Nexedi is using this setup for its own infrastructre spanning multiple continents to ensure and continually improve stability and system availabilty for its own applications.

Ready for Business

SlapOS can be installed fully automated on any device (server, desktop, smartphone), operating system (Linux, Windows, Android) and virtual machine (VMWare, OpenStack, Amazon, Azure, Joyent, etc.). It includes business processes (through ERP5) allowing to easily add extensions such as user management and invoicing, allowing to easily setup and host IAAS (infrastructure), PAAS (platform) and SAAS (Software) service solutions at a fraction of the cost of comparable cloud providers. With a fully open source codebase.

SlapOS is Your Space in the Cloud

SlapOS can automate the deployment and configuration of applications in a heterogenous environment managing provisioning of instances, accounting and billing information through a portal that also can handle customer registration, support request management, invoicing and payments.

Nexedi provides implemenation and support services based on SlapOS and ERP5 to integrate powerful accouting and billing to existing cloud computing technologies (OpenStack, OpenNebula, Eucalyptus, VMWare, etc.) either for internal audits or commercial applications. If you operate more than 20 instances of the same application or more than 10 servers, SlapOS is for you and will help turn your software application into a solid SaaS in less than a week.

Sample success cases like multinational companies providing a common and consistent implementation of their business application across overseas subsidiaries or software publishers quickly creating proprietory SaaS solutions can be found on the Nexedi website success stories section. For more information on SlapOS scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure solutions (both "cloud hosting & management" or "management only") please visit the SlapOS website or contact us through our website's contact section.

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Key Facts

  • Initial Release2010
  • Stable Version1.0.8.1
  • Operating SystemLinux (stable),
    Windows (experimental),
    Android (unstable)
  • LicenceGPL

Key Services

  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Management

Key Benefits

  • Resiliency via decentralization
  • Process-based resource sharing
  • Wide application support
  • On board app hosting with billing
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