Meet The People That Make Up Nexedi

Working at Nexedi

Our small team is spread in Nexedi offices around the globe or working remotely. We have a flat hierarchy, paperless offices, no phones and no meetings, allowing us to focus on what matters most to us: developing free software. We are "strict" on only using web-based, open source tools for daily work and follow an agile, test-driven approach in development. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to drop us a message via our contact form or have a look at our current job offers.

Trainee Wall Of Fame

At Nexedi we find new colleagues through traineeships lasting six to twelve months. Trainees receive a base salary, housing budget (if coming from abroad) and we cover intial and final travel expenses. Nexedi trainees contribute to research projects from the get-go or try their hands on new technologies and prototyping concepts. This approach gives them enough time to get familiar with our technologies, gain autonomy, release a product used by others and hone their skills before moving on to customer projects.

To get a better idea what it's like at Nexedi some of our trainee "alumni" shared their experiences of working with us.

  • Photo Nicolas Wavrant Nicolas Wavrant
  • Photo Ayush Tiwari Ayush Tiwari
  • Photo Saurabh Bansod Saurabh Bansod