Open Source Software Services

Nexedi provides services around three of our software solutions ERP5 (Unified Business Suite), Wendelin (Big Data Platform) and SlapOS (SlapOS | Distributed Mesh Cloud Operation System).

If you are interested in a Nexedi solution and would like to know more about our services continue reading or get in touch with us! Our sales, support and technical staff are happy to assist you and can be reached through our contact section.

ERP5 Logo

Nexedi provides a specialist service for implementing time-critical and complex ERP5 systems, called ERP5 Enterprise. Our software developers are experts in mapping business processes and implementing them inside ERP5 including advanced security settings and custom extensions managing integration with existing systems, data migration as well as functional, unit and scalability testing.

We also have the expertise to customize and tweak any kind of software and underlying system should this be necessary. This can include fixing kernels, improving databases and customizing software to ensure your ERP5 systems performs according to your defined requirements.

Large industrial projects with strict regulartory requirements or a long history of process developement are implemented using our Standard Implementation Process which emphazises a step by step process while smaller projects for startups, SMUs or specific functionalities only usually include development of a prototype which is then iterated upon to reach a final application state.

If you are looking to implement ERP5 and would like more information on our Enterprise service, please visit our Success Stories section, the ERP5 service details, the ERP5 website or get in touch with us directly.

SlapOS Logo

SlapOS Managed Cloud is Nexedi's service for all cloud hosting and cloud management related topics. Services comprise the setup of a SlapOS master node that is then configured to manage any server infrastructure (Nexedi or client), establish security and accessability permissions and guaranteeing system availability.

We configure and extend SlapOS to be able to install it on any machine (desktop, smartphone, usb) any operating system (Windows, Linux, Android) and virtual machine (VMWare, OpenStack, Amazon, Joyent, etc). Services also include extending SlapOS to provide ERP-related functionalities, such as user registration and management, billing and invoicing for hosting and running full-fletched IaaS (infrastructure), PaaS (platform) or SaaS (Software) client services.

As with ERP5 and depending on the respective requirements projects are either managed in a granular process or through development of extendable prototypes covering key functions. Both approaches can include customizing SlapOS to support specific types of software ("SlapOSification").

Once a SlapOS infrastructure has been set up and is running fully automated, SlapOS provides dedicated infrastructure management as a service for a monthly fee. This includes 24/7 service, system health monitoring and integration of additional software packages upon request. Due to our philosophy of complete automization we can normally provide SlapOS scalable cloud management and orchestration services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a dedicated inhouse team.

If you are looking for implementation of a scalable solution to reliably manage your own cloud or want to run your solution on Nexedis infrastructure, you can find further information on our services on SlapOS service page or the SlapOS website itself. The Sucess Stories section provides some sample implementations as reference. For additional information, fell free to contact us.

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Nexedi's Wendelin Managed Big Data provides specialist services around standardized data collection, ingestion and storage, advanced data analysis and visualization comprosing plain expert advice on which mathematical models to use in which scenario to developing full-fledged Big Data applications on our Wendelin stack.

As with our other services, Big Data projects are implemented either according to our implementation process or on an iterative basis using gap analysis depending on specific requirements, restrictions and the scope of the eventual software to be developed. Wendelin already includes a number of third-party libraries (such as fluentD or Pandas), which can easily be extended further to meet specific needs.

If you are in looking for a future-proof solution to handle big data or would like to have more information on the our services, please visit Wendelin service details or the Wendelin website directly. We are also happy to provide information in person - just visit to our contact site and get in touch with us!