Nexedi KK successfully introduced ERP5 to Sankei Chemical and connect to online trading system

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2011 October 4th
Nexedi KK

Nexedi KK successfully introduced ERP5 to Sankei Chemical

TOKYO, JAPAN-Nexedi KK announced today that Nexedi KK successfully introduced ERP5 to Sankei Chemical(Sankei), a long-established Japanese pesticide manufacturing company.

With ERP5 and zgateway which is an open source implementation of Zengin TCP/IP protocol used among banks and companies in Japan, Sankei can connect to a web trading system used by many large pesticide manufactures and customer companies. ERP5 covers all their essential business operations like receiving orders, shipping items, invoicing, confirming payments. Since this is 100% open source solution, Sankei do not have to pay software license fee.

ERP5 is the world-first ERP solution implemented with 100% open source software. ERP5 provides complete functional coverage for industry, commerce, banking, health and public administration, and used by various organisations from SME to large companies. ERP5 provides one-stop service with pure open source software for trading, accounting, inventory, CRM, MRP, DMS and so on.

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