ViFiB launches "SlapRunner" Resilient Platform as a Service (PaaS) powered by "Post Cloud" decentralized infrastructure

VIFIB announces commercial service for Slap Runner
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Press Release

ViFiB launches "SlapRunner" Resilient Platform as a Service (PaaS) powered by "Post Cloud" decentralized infrastructure

Paris (France), December 11th 2013. ViFiB introduces flexible and resilient Platform as a Service (PaaS) based on SlapRunner. SlapRunner is an open source online development environment jointly developed by VIFIB, Nexedi and Paris 13 University since 2010. SlapRunner is based on SlapOS provisioning and billing system.

Rafael Monnerat, Chief Operation Officer at ViFiB, announces: "SlapOS and SlapRunner have been used for more than 3 years by large companies and financial institutions in Europe and Japan to run mission critical applications. SlapRunner is now mature technology that offers an efficient alternative to centralized cloud computing with better protection of trade secrets and higher resiliency."

Alain Takoudjou, developer of SlapRunner front-end at Paris 13 University explains: "SlapRunner provides through the web (TTW) development for any software in any programming language. With SlapRunner, students only need a web browser to learn coding from their laptop, tablet or chromebook, at home or during a class."

Christophe Cérin, Professor à Paris 13 University, adds: "Thanks to SlapOS portability among different GNU/Linux distributions and processor architectures, we can share our heterogenous infrastructure. If we need extra capacity, we can also contribute idle desktop PCs, saving both budget and environment."

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, explains: "Most developers of Nexedi have now adopted SlapRunner to develop ERP5 open source ERP/CRM. With SlapRunner, we could automate setup of a standard development environment, save time and increase collaboration within our team. We could also share best practices of scalable ERP5 deployment and publish them as buildout devops scripts."

Rafael Monnerat, Chief Operation Officer at ViFiB, concludes: "For 2 EUR per day, ViFiB provides dedicated hosting of SlapRunner on a decentralized IPv6  infrastructure that counts 30 points of presence in Europe, Japan, China, America and Africa. Our service is optimized for mission critical enteprise applications. For best database performance, ViFiB only uses solid state disks (SSD). And for resiliency, we maintain 3 running copies of data and applications and two full archives with automated disaster recovery procedures tested daily."

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  • Rafael Monnerat - COO ViFiB SARL -  rafael (at) vifib (dot) com
  • Jean-Paul Smets - CEO Nexedi SA - jp (at) nexedi (dot) com - Tel. +33 (0)6 29 02 44 25

About ViFiB

ViFiB, a company of Nexedi Group, is specialized in "Post Cloud" Computing services for companies that require increased flexibility, higher resiliency and better trade secret. ViFiB operates SlapOS on a decentralized infrastructure designed to protect critical corporate data against possible downtime or destruction. ViFiB is a major contributor to SlapOS open source provisioning and billing technology.

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About SlapOS

SlapOS is an open source provisioning and billing software optimized for high performance, high resiliency, low operating cost and low power usage. SlapOS modular architecture supports all aspects of "Post Cloud" technologies, including "No Datacenter", "Edge Computing" and "Multi-Cloud". SlapOS includes support for virtualization (kvm, ZeroVM), a portable Web based Platform as a Service (PaaS) and an application store for Software as a Service (SaaS).

SlapOS technology unifies through a single DevOps paradigm the automation of modern infrastructure: administration, deployment, provisioning, configuration, monitoring, backup, restore, test, upgrade, data migration and billing. SlapOS is compatible with major industry standards (VMWare, OpenStack, Amazon, Azure, etc.) and architectures (Intel, ARM, MIPS, etc.).

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About Nexedi

Nexedi is the creator and leader of the ERP5 Open Source ERP project. Nexedi has developed and deployed ERP5 for a wide range of industries such as aerospace, apparel, banking, healthcare and government. ERP5 is used in companies of all sizes in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South Americas. The open source nature of ERP5 eliminates licensing costs and provides full freedom to update and customise the system as business requirements change with no single vendor lock-in.

Nexedi is a major contributor to the SlapOS technology, an open source provisioning and billing software optimized for high performance, high resiliency, low operating cost and low power usage.

Nexedi provides 24H around-the-clock support to corporations and governments wishing to migrate their mission critical applications to open source software solutions.

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SlapOS is a registered trademark of ViFiB. Nexedi and ERP5 are registered trademarks of Nexedi.