Opportunité : mesure radio par drone

  • Last Update:2023-11-16
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Title: Radio measures by drone
  • Location:  Lille (accommodation possible) or remote
  • Type: à temps plein
  • Position: Développeur
  • Duration: CDI / Stage (3-6 mois)
  • Reference: Offer-2023-Radio-Measure-Drone


Nexedi works with drone manufacturers to create autonomous drone swarms. Drones communicates between themselves through radio and are required to share their position and speed with real time constraints, as well as other messages with different levels of priority.

The purpose of this internship is to make radio signal measurements between the drones and optimize radio parameters in order to prevent radio packets loss.


  • Improve our open source software stack (https://stack.nexedi.com/)
  • Contribute to understanding and improving a complex radio communication system


  • Contribute to open source software projects
  • Learn to work with complex software solutions and challenging topics
  • Work in an international environment



About Nexedi

Nexedi is one of  the leading European open source and free software publishers in Europe with a portfolio of open source solutions of more than 15 million lines of code. Our customized software solutions run at Airbus, Stellantis, Sanef and other enterprises around the world. We participate in industry-leading research projects, try to build Rapid.Space, a fully open cloud provider and lobby for Europe's independence with regards to cloud and communication technologies as well as the use of Free Software. 


We would be happy to hear from you, so drop us a line (along with your CV) at jobs(at)nexedi.com and we will get in touch with you.

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