Opportunity : Compilation and strong typing of the Python language

  • Last Update:2023-11-16
  • Version:002
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  • Title: Compilation and strong typing of the Python language
  • Location: Lille (possibility of accommodation) or telecommuting
  • Type : full time
  • Position: developer
  • Duration: internship (3-6 months) / alternation / employment
  • Reference : Offer-2023-Python.Compilation


Typon (https://typon.nexedi.com/) is a work-in-progress Python-to-C++ compiler developped at Nexedi. Typon augments Python with compile-time type-checking and a concurrency engine written in C++ that powers performant concurrency primitives.

Typon compiles to C++ code that does not depend on the Python runtime (the CPython interpreter). Interoperability with Python is currently being developped to allow both calling external Python code from Typon and importing Typon modules in Python, relying on Python/C++ binding libraries like Pybind11. This lack of dependency on the Python runtime opens the way to applications in embedded computing and real-time computing. The emitted C++ can then be further compiled to performant native code.

The Typon compiler is written in Python and uses Python's ast module to parse the input code.

Typon is the result of a continued interest for several years at Nexedi in the topic of compiling Python, previously materialized in form of the Cython+ project (https://cython.plus/), an experimental extension to the Cython compiler. Typon was born of the experience acquired with Cython+.

We are looking for a candidate interested in programming language design, with experience in Python or C++ development, and an affinity for open source software. Knowledge of concurrent execution, language design, compilation, type systems, or static analysis will always be useful and welcome.

If you are interested in these topics, contact us!


  • Define the orientation of a brand new language
  • Compile Python code to a concurrent runtime
  • Write standard libraries similar to those of Python
  • Link with the user community


  • Develop in Python, C, C++
  • Participate in the development of a programming language
  • Contribute to complex free and open source software solutions



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