Opportunity : Cloudless Computing

  • Last Update:2023-01-02
  • Version:001
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  • Title: Cloudless computing
  • Location: Lille (possibility of accommodation), Paris or telecommuting
  • Type : full time
  • Position: developer
  • Duration: internship (3-6 months) / alternation / employment
  • Reference : Offer-2023-Cloudless-Developer


Nexedi has been using HTML5 offline technologies for almost 10 years because they allow to limit the use of the cloud to the strict minimum, to increase the resilience of an information system and to give more freedom to users. The OfficeJS project (https://officejs.com/) is a prototype of an HTML5 offline office suite. The CribJS project (https://cribjs.nexedi.net) is a prototype HTML5 offline development environment. PerspectiveJS (https://perspective.finos.org/) is an example of an offline HTML5 reporting tool created by JP Morgan. Basthon (https://basthon.fr/) is what allows high school students in Ile-de-France to learn Python without depending on a cloud provider.

What if we could do without the cloud altogether?

We think that such a perspective is possible for 99% of the needs, provided that we make each web browser the equivalent of a personal server thanks to web workers, service workers, WebRTC and WASM. This is what we call "Cloudless Computing". 

We are looking for developers interested in any of the following topics:

  • Hosting Web sites via WebRTC
  • Porting IP protocols over WebRTC (e.g. SMTP)
  • Orchestration of HTML5 offline applications with SlapOS (node, master)
  • Mass deployment of headless web browsers
  • Porting POSIX applications to HTML5 offline or WASM
  • Development of new HTML5 offline applications


  • Imagine a technological revolution to remove our dependency on the cloud
  • Improve our free software stack for HTML5 offline (JIO, RenderJS, SlapOS, ERP5)


  • Fullstack and devops development (Javascript, Python, buildout)
  • Learn the WebRTC protocol and advanced features of web browsers
  • Contribute to complex free and open source software solutions
  • Participate in the next evolution of cloud after edge computing



About Nexedi

Nexedi is one of  the leading European open source and free software publishers in Europe with a portfolio of open source solutions of more than 15 million lines of code. Our customized software solutions run at Airbus, Stellantis, Sanef and other enterprises around the world. We participate in industry-leading research projects, try to build Rapid.Space, a fully open cloud provider and lobby for Europe's independence with regards to cloud and communication technologies as well as the use of Free Software. 


We would be happy to hear from you, so drop us a line (along with your CV) at jobs(at)nexedi.com and we will get in touch with you.

Nexedi SA
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