ERP5 Release Information

ERP5 Releases are available as Virtual Machine Image, Appliance and from Git. The Virtual Machine Image and Appliance serve educational purpose and are ideal to quickly try ERP5. The Git Tag points to the source code of ERP5. It is used for installation of development and production systems through the SlapOS decentralized cloud system.
  • Last Update:2016-04-25
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Below please find the latest stable ERP5 release to download. Please note that downloads contain the preconfigured ERP5 version also available via the Virtual Machine installation and for evaluation purposes only - to install a clean ERP5 instance, head over to the developer getting started section and use the single line installer on available operating systems! Previous releases can be found at the end of this page in the release history.

Latest ERP5 Release
Version Date Announcement ERP5 VM SlapOS Git Tag ERP5 Revision
5.5 2014/11/03 ERP5 Release 5.5 Download From Sourceforge slapos-0.246 08d22b65daad02460c08

ERP5 Release History

Below is the list of the current all previous releases still available for download

ERP5 Release History
Version Date Announcement OSOE VM SlapOS Git Tag ERP5 Revision
5.5 2014/10/31 ERP5 Release 5.5 Download From Sourceforge slapos-0.246 8d22b65daad02460c083
5.4.7 2013/01/25 N/A Download From Sourceforge slapos-0.146 13fc3098ebf086c9174f4