Extracurriculars: Competition de Crêpes

The last days of July also were Ayush's last days of his traineeship in Lille and since we had talked "crêpes" on several occasions we decided to organize an afterwork competition with all nationalities facing off for a proper farewell bid to Ayush. Team Canada was crowned the eventual winner in a competition that showed Nexedians from all over the world to be just as innovative on the crêpes machine as when developing.
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The Rules

... were simple: Nexedi was to supply crépes with every team having to add their respective national flavors. To prevent preparation we announced the competition on Friday morning and asked every nation that fielded a team to scour the supermarket for exotic ingredients during lunch. After work we'd switch from chromebook to electric crêpes machine and would make enough crêpes so everyone who dared could try all variations. The winner would then be announced by democratic decision.

Les Bleus

Excusing themselves as not being eligible as host nation (and unofficially afraid of what we'd make of a French tradition), our local colleagues quickly took over the crêpes machine to allow all teams to concentrate on their contributions. Just what was needed to get the competition going.

Extracurriculars: Competition des Crêpes

Team China

Our Chinese team came back with a glass containing what looked like chocolate powder. Little did we knew, it was actually Rousong or "meat-wool", which - combined with the obligatory mix of spicy sauces - would make for quite a tasty start.

Team Germany

Trying to also cater to our vegetarian colleagues Team Germany went out of its traditional way of wrapping crêpes around sausages instead opting for a more improv Sauerkraut & Sweet Mustard pâté and optional "Weißbier" on the side. Needless to say that only after trying the result themselves the other teams gave the German entry a taste.

Team India

Team India didn't disappoint either and came back with steaks from the supermarket - soj steaks - as expected from a vegetarian team. Adding indian spices and some mayonnaise for good measure made a long way to turning this into a burger competition - and our French colleagues raising the first eyebrows.

Team Canada

Considering the amount of things Team Canada brought back from the supermarket we surely were in for a treat of the nutritious kind. Using the sparse equipment of our office kitchen corner to its limits, the Canadiens somehow managed to cook up two competition entries - "Crêpes French Fries, Cheddar Cheese & Gravy" going along with "Crêpes Maccaroni-Hot Dog" - no syrup needed.

Extracurriculars: Competition des Crêpes

Team Japan

Finally Team Japan single-handedly took care of dessert submitting two more entries into our competition. Both "Crêpes Adzuki" and " Crêpes Kinako" where hard to come by as they both happened to be quite tasteful and a worthy finish to our competition.

The Awards

After a fun-filled two hours deciding on a winner proved to be difficult. For us it was nice to see that our Nexedians from all over the world could "cook up" quite innovative and diverse solutions on demand - just like when developing. Still a winner had to be decided on and going by the number of categories won, Team Canada was eventually crowned the overall winner taking home the awards for "Most Calories in a Crêpes", "Made the Microwave Dance" and "Most Improvised Cooking Display". Chapeau!

Extracurriculars: Competition des Crêpes


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