The FLOSS ecosystem of PLC and robotics

A list of success cases and solutions for industrial automation and robotics using open source / free software.
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Open Source robotics has now been present for more than 10 years and has achieved some success, at least in research and education. There are numerous projects for open source robotics

Although less known, it has been possible for more than a decade to deploy a complete  solution for industrial automation based on free software and open hardware. The first success case was demonstrated by SSAB in Sweden in a fairly large factory which produces steel.

This page tries to collect all success cases and initiatives related to open source robotics and industrial automation. It is a work-in-progress. Feel free to contribute by write to sven (dot) franck (at) nexedi (dot) com or by suggesting new entries on Nexedi's contact page.

Success Cases




  • Olimex: open source hardware for industrial applications (released as open source hardware and mostly based on Allwinner chips)
  • Smallbrick: PLC (video)
  • Largebrick: PLC (video)
  • Controllino: PLC 
  • BB-440 Neuron Edge: PLC
  • Kunbus RevolutionPi: PLC with many extensions by Kunbus (made in Germany, lots of I/O)
  • JanTex: PLC
  • Modberry M500: PLC (made in Poland)
  • OpenPLC hardware list
  • MiniPLC (no really open but demonstrates what a small size IoT could do as a slave)
  • Poppy open source hardware robot platform based on 3D printing
  • Industrial Shields arduino based PLC
  • ComfilePi based on RPi
  • Industruino industrial PC based on Arduino
  • LiberIoT by Inubo open source hardware can be useful for data collection on free frequencies (based on Gwap)
  • Panstamp is a producer of open IoT including IO Boards
  • REFLO Air is a $200 Open Source Hardware Portable PCB Reflow Machine
  • BB-400 Neuron Edge Dual Ethernet Industrial Controller Combines Raspberry Pi CM3+ and Arduino MCU
  • Beaglebone (open source hardware) includes a Blue version for robotics and an AI version supporting optimized TIDL machine learning. It also includes a DIN rail enclosure 
  • Turis project does interesting hardware gateways which may be open source hardware (Omnia and Mox) and for sure run open source software and provides interesting modularity
  • Wago is not open source hardware but it is a major brand which provides Ethernet I/O based on open standard as well as controllers which firmware is open source and based on PTXDist
  • Pixhawk an independent open-hardware project that aims to provide the standard for readily-available, hiqh-quality and low-cost autopilot hardware designs for the academic, hobby and developer communities. 
  • Yaba stack targets modern industrial technologies in the automation and IoT
  • Reachy open source robot
  • SimplePNP Open Source Hardware Pick-and-Place Machine
  • LitePlacer Open Source Hardware Pick-and-Place Machine
  • Raspberry Pi CM3+ based Iono Pi Max industrial controller
  • RAK7431 RS485 Bridge Relays ModBUS Data over the LoRaWAN Network
  • Implementation of OPC UA on Olimex ESP32-EVB