• GKR Rubber Group - Factory

    14 Factories
    in 3 months

    ERP5 offline HTML5 technology solves network connectivity in remote areas.

    GKR Guangdong Guangken Rubber Group Co.,Ltd.

    Read More... Contact Project duration: 3 months Rapid, test-based implementation of central ERP5 instance connecting with remote web applications over a re6st-based, IPv6 mesh network.
  • Testimonial Profile Picture - Frederic Chalier

    Custom ERP5
    delivered in 4 months

    130,000 new customers after one year, 22,000 invoice / hour

    Frédéric Charlier SANEF Project Manager

    Enterprise Contact Project duration 2 - 24 months Flexible implementation of scalable applications through rapid development, test based quality assurance and responsive user interface design
  • Testimonial Profile Picture - Klaus Wölfel

    powered by artificial intelligence

    2000 students trained in 6 months, 1000 ERP deployed by SlapOS

    Klaus Wölfel OSOE Project Manager

    Scholar Contact MOOC duration 3 - 20 days Complete web-based tutorials through dedicated ERP5 instance and online questionnaire system for final assessment based on real world business case

Nexedi is Europe's largest open-source software (OSS) publisher and creator of ERP5. At Nexedi, we design, develop and deploy enterprise solutions ranging from ERP to pure Decentralized Cloud and Industrial Big Data.

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20-02 2024

Collecting vRAN KPIs with SlapOS

Recent versions of SlapOS Amarisoft software release can collect and send xlog data to remote data lakes using a common file format over fluentd protocol for KPI calculation, consolidation and AI.
22-12 2023

A new test suite for SlapOS REST API

SlapOS new REST API is now validated by a complete test suite which demonstrates the relevance of a content-based approach.
26-07 2022

BDH first release with repman / mariadb: Automatically deploy cluster and request databases

A blog post about the creation Replication Manager software release and how to request databases.
31-05 2021

Controling a conveyor with the open source software Beremiz

A blog post about the creation of OSIE's first coupler which is being controlled by Beremiz.