How To Compete (China Mainland)

How To Compete in OfficeJS App Developer Contest (China Mainland Area)

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OfficeJS Application Tutorial

This presentation will tell you how to participate the OfficeJS App developer contest step by step.


  • Register
  • Tools and Sources
  • Build your App
  • Submit
  • Judging criterias
  • Prize for winners
  • Following registration steps to register in the OfficeJS App Developer Contest
  • Checking the OfficeJS App example and tutorials we provided, also feel free to use the sources
  • Building up your own OfficeJS Application
  • Following instructions to submit your App to OfficeJS team
  • Our judging criterias to inspire your ideas
  • Prize for the winners and how to receive it


  1. Download the Registration form (odt) / Registration form (pdf) and the Contest official rules
  2. Fill out the Registration form and sign the Contest official rules
  3. Send the filled Registration form and signed Contest official rules to:

    Ni Yan |

    Email title: [OJS Contest]-中文姓名

  4. We will send you an email confirmation with your registration reference
  • The Registration form must be filled up by typing, handwriting is not acceptable.
  • Both the Registration form and Contest official rules must be signed with handwriting.
  • Both files must be sent in PDF format.
  • A validated reference is a proof that you are officially registered in the contest, please keep in mind that the confirmation email shall be expected within two workdays after sending your application.
  • Please provide a validated and frequently used email address, email will be the main contact channel during the contest period.

Tools and Sources

Steps to run the example on your laptop:

  1. Extract the zip file which contains the demo.
  2. Run shell command "python -⁠m SimpleHTTPServer in source directory.
  3. Access "localhost:8000" in browser.

If you have problem opening the online tutorials, you can also click following links to download the tutorials in pdf:

Build your App

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The minimum features that your OfficeJS App should have:

  • Works offline
  • Uses jIO for data storage


  • Send your Application to Ni Yan | by July 25, 2017 at 11:59:59 P.M (GMT+8)

    Email title: [OJS Contest]-中文姓名-Application Name

  • We will send you an email confirmation to proof that your Application is received
  • Please note that the confirmation email shall be expected within two workdays after submission

Judging criterias

  • Your Application must be useful for companies, people or education
  • Your Application should not already exist in
  • Your Application must be workable & reliable
  • Your Application must be based on original code
  • Your Application must be Innovative

Prize for winners

  • One Grande Prize: 1 Chromebook with NayuOS installed, 36000 RMB
  • One Second Prize: 1 Chromebook with NayuOS installed, 24000 RMB
  • One Third Prize: 1 Chromebook with NayuOS installed, 12000 RMB
  • Seven Participation Prizes: 1000 RMB per person
  • Winners will be announced on 1 August 2017 on Nexedi website
  • Winners will receive an email on the same date with the process to receive the prize

The Grande Prize winner, Second Prize winner and Third Prize winner will receive the Chromebook immediately after confirming receiving prizes. The monetary award will be rewarded in the form of monthly payment, which are 3000 RMB, 2000 RMB and 1000 RMB, which will last 12 months.

During the 12 months payment period, we will be happy to provide help on winners free software project that he/she is working on.

The seven Participation Prize winners will receive the sum of 1000 RMB award right after confirming receiving the prize.

For any further information: please contact Ni Yan | ni(dot)yan(at)nexedi(dot)com

OfficeJS App Developer Contest

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Wish you all good luck and have fun!

Thank You

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