Wendelin Exanalytics Libre

WENDELIN combines Scikit Learn machine learning and NEO distributed storage for out-of-core data analytics in python

Table of Contents

Editor interface

Here we will detail how to use the editor interface.

  1. The switch button
  2. The favorite menu for fast access to file marked as "Favorite"
  3. Expand: It expands the editor into the full window. Shortcut: Crtl+e
  4. Save: Save the current file. Shortcut: Ctrl+s
  5. Menu: Menu offering various actions on the file
  6. Tabs: Files are open in tabs. If the title of the file is diplayed after a "*" it means the files hasn't been saved
  7. Tree: Display the current tree. More option are available by right clicking on files and diresctories
  8. Editor: To edit files. It uses Ace editor with most of its shorcut availables