Wendelin Exanalytics Libre

WENDELIN combines Scikit Learn machine learning and NEO distributed storage for out-of-core data analytics in python

Wendelin - Open Source Big Data Platform

The Wendelin platform is part of an ongoing research project with the goal to develop an open source Big Data and Machine Learning platform "Made in France". Wendelin integrates popular scientific libraries for data ingestion, analysis modification and visualization used throughout the data science community in a 100% Python stack.

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On the base layer, SlapOS handles configuration, deployment and management of all components running on the Wendelin stack. Distributed storage is provided by NEO while ERP5 is used as core platform to connect the various libraries, handle data storage, provide a connecting user interface and enable the creation of web-based applications all the way to integration of more advanced business logic ("Convergence Ready"). At the heart of Wendelin is "Wendelin Core", component that will provide out-of-core computation capabilities allowing Wendelin based stacks to go beyond the limits imposed by available RAM in a cluster of machines. On top of this stack different libraries such as Scikit-Learn, Juypter, Pandas, SciPi or Numpy are integrated providing all means and popular tools for working with Big Data.

Key Advantages

  • 100% Python - no need to convert data
  • Out-Of-Core computing - compute beyond available RAM
  • Open Source - Your data, your tools, your stack
  • Data Life Cycle - One stack for ingestion, analysis and monetization