Vifib Pricing

  • Last Update:2013-12-11
  • Version:2
  • Language:en

This document describes VIFIB pricing policy.

Account Validation Pricing

New users must have their account validated before they can allocate instances or manage their personal server through VIFIB. In order to validate an account, user must pay an initial fee of 2€, once and once only.

Payment of the initial follows the normal payment procedure:

  • First go the "My Invoices" area
  • Wait for the account validation invoice to be ready to pay
  • Click on Pay Now and pay the 2€ fee

Note: former users whose payments are up to date are exempt from paying the account validation fee.

Recurring Pricing

VIFIB provides different services with different price. For example:

  • resilient VM: 2€ / day
  • resilient PaaS: 2€ / day

Note: former users will be charged 1€ / month for any instance they requested during a grace period of 6 months.

Resource Pricing

VIFIB charges an extra fee for the resources (CPU, disk, network usage) used on its infrastructure. Please check Software Product descriptions at for more informations.

This price list may evolve in the future based on the evolution of technology, of currencies and of the market. Changes will be notified to users 24 hours in advance.

This price list does not apply to instances hosted by users on your own infrastructure.

Using SlapOS for Free

VIFIB is the commercial services for SlapOS. SlapOS is Free Software. Users of SlapOS willing to use SlapOS for free without depending on service and without paying any fee may still install their own SlapOS service. The documentation required to install SlapOS Master on your infrastructure is provided on SlapOS community site.