OfficeJS at TechCrunch 2013 “Red Web” Conference in Shanghai

OfficeJS HTML5 Enterprise Apps Store at TechCrunch 2013 Shanghai
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OfficeJS has been presented by Nayu Software Technology at TechCrunch 2013 “Red Web” Conference in Shanghai the 19th of November, 2013. TechCrunch is a world-wide leading technology media, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news. “Red Web” Conference gathered up international and Chinese entrepreneurs and medias to discuss the latest trends of global Internet industry, find the right direction, seize the opportunity, promote products and increase influences and expand businesses. During the conference, we demonstrated the world's first independent Enterprise Appstore of HTML5 applications – Office to offer business applications based on the innovative technology jIO, invested by Nexedi.

Get your business applications whenever you need

Flexibility and mobility are two most demanded characters of today's business service applications. How to access to your business application whenever you need,  on all devices and all platforms? How to share your business data in real time, with different devices and different users' accounts? Using the technology jIO and based on open source ERP5, OfficeJS business applications accelerate the transformation of your companies. Furthermore, OfficeJS the Appstore is a free platform for developers to show their business applications based on HTML5.


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  • Jean-Paul Smets is the founder and CEO of Nexedi. After graduating in mathematics and computer science at ENS (Paris), he started his career as a civil servant at the French Ministry of Economy. He then left government to start a small company called “Nexedi” where he developed his first Free Software, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) designed to manage the production of swimsuits in the not-so-warm but friendly north of France. ERP5 was born. In parallel, he led with Hartmut Pilch (FFII) the successful campaign to protect software innovation against the dangers of software patents. The campaign eventually succeeeded by rallying more than 100.000 supporters and thousands of CEOs of European software companies (both open source and proprietary). The Proposed directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions was rejected on 6 July 2005 by the European Parliament by an overwhelming majority of 648 to 14 votes, showing how small companies can together in Europe defeat the powerful lobbying of large corporations. Since then, he has helped Nexedi to grow either organically or by investing in new ventures led by bright entrepreneurs.
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