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Trainee profile of Saurabh Bansod telling about his experience at Nexedi
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Nexedi Traineeship Q&A

What was your topic?

The idea was to integrate ERP5 and NEO, thus providing users with alternative to ZEO while instantiating ERP

What did you like the most?

Time and freedom one gets while working on the assigned projects.
Evening birthday parties, team outings, trying all kind of cuisines during lunch breaks.
Working on new and different kind of machine (chromebook!).

Any important skill we taught you for being an engineer

Patience, Persistence, Perseverance. Tech Stack at nexedi is probably the most custom stack I have seen, so getting accustomed with the tech and understanding it well enough to make meaningful contribution gives you real sense of being an engineer.

What did you teach us?

This is quite tough to answer. I did try to share my knowledge of native Indian language and rubiks cube with fellow interns.

What contributions did you make to Nexedi projects?

While working on the integration I also worked on review and better integration of NEO in slapos along with addition of new features like support of TokuDB engine and automatic start of newly created cluster. Fortunately I was also able to complete the final goal and now it is possible to instantiate 1 NEO DB inside an ERP5 instance.

Anything you liked especially about Nexedi?

Everything at Nexedi is open source, not a lot of companies can claim this.
The learning process and culture at Nexedi; You are encouraged to tackle problem on your own and learn things by doing them(in my opinion : the best way to learn anything). You get lot of freedom to throw and discuss any ideas that pop up in your mind.
Nexedi is quite international with people from all around the globe, I got to learn a lot from my co-workers.

Anything you liked about the city you stayed in?

Lille is probably the best place if you want taste of both French and Belgian culture. Being a student city there always something to do in the evenings and weekends. Also there is good amount of English speakers here which made it easier to talk with locals (I did try to learn some French though). People in Lille were quite kind to us, they made us feel home (some even played Indian music to make us more comfortable).

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Saurabh Bansod


  • NationalityIndian
  • UniversityIIT
  • CurrentlyFixing Scikit-Learn Bugs
  • StayLille, France
  • DurationMay-September 2015
  • Project Wendelin

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