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Trainee profile of Ayush Tiwari telling about his experience at Nexedi
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Nexedi Traineeship Q&A

What was your topic?

I worked on developing kernel for integration of erp5 and jupyter, i.e, execution of code from jupyter frontend in erp5. This helps us to execute even big data stored in erp5 database and show plots in jupyter frontend. Also, we can use it to debug erp5 context objects and play with them.

What did you like the most?

The chance to use advanced technologies being used via cloud (softwares like jupyter, erp5 on slapos) and learn from some talented colleagues and mentors was a really nice experience for me both in technical as well as professional way. We spent some good time together going out and the fact that I was working with people from 9-10 nationalities, it was great to know more about different cultures and learn. Also, all of us were working on Chromebooks, which helps you know how to develop putting everything in the cloud.

Any important skill we taught you for being an engineer

The most important thing that I learnt for being an engineer is the methodology to find and solve bugs by yourself and learn a whole new thing by practice. Its easier to ask experienced people regarding a bug and get it solved, but the real benefit is when you dive in to the codebase and reach the root cause of the problem. It might take you some time, but in the way, you'll gain knowledge of new tech stack, practices, etc which is what help you be a real engineer.

What did you teach us?

Hard to answer this one from my perspective. Other than the fact that you can wear a scarf on a sunny day also (Hey Sven!), I think it would be asking more questions, have a good rapport with other colleagues and learning to adapt fast might be some.

What contributions did you make to Nexedi projects?

  • I created a software release in slapos which installs wendelin (Big Data) with ipython notebook.
  • Integrated kernel to have interaction between the two(wendelin and ipython notebook)
  • Create a ERP5 business template to execute python from inside erp5.

Anything you liked especially about Nexedi?

Well, there are lot many things to mention in this regard, but the one which I liked most was that trainees were treated almost equal to the full time colleagues. We were given full access to explore, learn, try on new technologies, ask our doubts and develop. This always make a difference because as a student, we always want to try more and new things, and being able to do so in a company is really nice.

Anything you liked about the city you stayed in?

Lille is an awesome place to live in. I might not consider myself as an expert in saying that, but according to me, its a smaller version of Paris, with addition of Belgian culture, delicious food (specially Welsh, yum!!). Thanks to its young population there are lot of English speakers, so for a first time visitor speaking English in France, it won't be hard to communicate and enjoy your life there. Though, its equally good to learn French (which I didn't, alas!).

Photo Ayush Tiwari

Ayush Tiwari


  • NationalityIndian
  • UniversityIIT Roorkee
  • CurrentlyIITR Student
  • StayLille, France
  • DurationMai-July 2015
  • ProjectWendelin

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