Wendelin Exanalytics Libre

WENDELIN combines Scikit Learn machine learning and NEO distributed storage for out-of-core data analytics in python

Wendelin is an open source Big Data and Machine Learning platform "Made in France".

Developing Wendelin

Wendelin | Open Source Big Data - Office Building symbolizing Big Data

Wendelin is based on ERP5, a highly customizable Enterprise Application Framework. Wendelin will at some point be an autonomous layer on top of ERP5. At the current point of development however some interaction with ERP5 and the underlying Zope interface is still required and is thus also documented here. For more more information on ERP5 itself, please refer to the ERP5 Documentation.

Documentation Indices

The current documentation of Wendelin is divided into seperate indices and sections:

  • Howtos - explaining certain functions or ways to achieve tasks in more detail.
  • FAQ - giving quick answers to questions mostly asked.
  • Technical Notes - published notes and snippets originating from discussions.