Wendelin Exanalytics Libre

WENDELIN combines Scikit Learn machine learning and NEO distributed storage for out-of-core data analytics in python

Issues with Wendelin Standalone (read only if you need to trouble shoot):

Currently there are a few issues:

  • OpenBLAS fails during compile as it cannot detect the CPU type. A long error log will be spit out when this happens... again, you can check the status of your build with erp5-show -s and if there is an error, view /opt/slapos/log/slapos-node-software.log. Here you will find the output of slapos node software. To make it easier to read and follow, use tail -f.

    • FIX: TARGET=CORE2 slapos node software
  • Sometimes when accessing Wendelin site you might get: """

    Error Type: OperationalError 

    Error Value: (1129, "Host '' is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'") """

    To fix one must restart MariaDB (in command we restart all just in case):

    • root@debian8w:~# slapos node restart all
  • If after your VM gets restarted not all processes are started (slapos node reports them as EXITED) then one can do (see below). Same command will fix "[3122] ERROR No IPv6 found on interface No valid IPv6 found on lo. to construct IPv6 with" message (visible in /opt/slapos/log/slapos-node-format.log)


  • root@debian8:~# slapos node format --now
  • root@debian8:~# slapos node restart all