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Good afternoon.

I am Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi corporation. I will introduce today a new big data technology, that is actually only a few weeks old: Wendelin.

Through this presentation, you will learn how to implement Police Big Data without IBM hardware, without Oracle software and without EMC private cloud. In short, without IOE, only using open source technologies created by a worldwide community.


我是Jean-Paul Smets, Nexedi公司的CEO。我今天将介绍一个新的大数据技术,这个叫做Wendelin的技术刚刚在几周前被创建出来。

通过这个介绍,您将会学到如何在不用IBM硬件,Oracle软件及EMC私有云的情况下实施警察大数据。 简单说来,无需IOE, 只使用一个由世界级社区创建的开源技术。