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Press Release

TioLive, a new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for Enterprise Management targetted at small and medium organisations provides unparalleled integration of ERP, CRM and Groupware at unrivalled cost.

Dover (USA), Paris (France) - November, 4th 2009 - Nexedi, the company behind ERP5, the Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution in use for over seven years by large organisations such as a multi-national Central Bank spanning eight countries as well as Infoterra (EADS Astrium group), Beteire Flow (Abertis group) and The Artois-Picardie Water Agency, is proud to present TioLive, a SaaS (Software as a Service) version of ERP5 available immediately through the Web.

TioLive: On-line Enterprise Management Software for Free. TioLive is marketed by TIOLIVE LLC (Dover, USA), a fully owned subsidiary of Nexedi SA (France). TioLive has been designed to eliminate all the complexity of mission critical ERPs such as ERP5. With TioLive, a small organisation with little or no budget can access a mature ERP, CRM and CMS environment, custom-configured to its needs, in less than 10 minutes. Hosting service on TioLive servers is provided for free without time restrictions. TioLive software is Open Source. It has no license costs for extra users. "TioLive introduces unprecedented progress in enterprise management and economic competitivity. Job shops and startup companies can now benefit immediately from the same level advanced information infrastructure as the largest corporations, without even spending a cent". According to Jacques Honore, TioLive Community Manager, "As your company grows so does your data. The TioLive Premium subscription provides extra storage space for your data and value added services such as mobile access. At $49 / month for the whole company and for any number of users. This price is well below any competitor offer."

TioLive: a Global Business Application. TioLive provides all the tools for companies to run their daily business:

  • People and Contacts. TioLive can store information on people and organisations such as employees, press contacts, suppliers or customers from their phone number or email address to more detailed data such as bank account information, social security numbers or corporate codes. TioLive Business Intelligence can categorize, search and drill down through all this information according to multiple criteria.
  • Purchase and Sales. TioLive can create purchase or sales order processes for any contact. Thanks to inventory planning and drilling, it is possible to track movements of resources in the past and analyze available inventory. Invoices are generated automatically from delivered Packing Lists.
  • Accounting. TioLive Accounting is one of the easiest applications to use. It enables manipulation of all artifacts used in accounting including different accounting plans, support for multi-currency accounting and automated consistency checking, as well as a flexible reporting engine.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). TioLive CRM details all support requests and sales opportunities through a ticket system. It can also be used to organise marketing campaigns or product releases. It tracks all the exchanges between the company and external contacts.
  • Communication. TioLive also offers a complete communication environment: Business Email, Business Chat and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony for all organisation members.
  • Document Management System (DMS). TioLive enables a comprehensive document management throughout the enterprise, providing secure on-line access to all organisation documents. TioLive DMS enables teams of authors to collaborate and create content. All documents stored in TioLive become searchable and can be conferted between many formats (PDF, Office, Open Office, etc.) thanks to the built-in conversion engine.

All applications share a single database which is unique to each company. Perfect integration of all applications drastically reduces data duplication and redundant data-entry.

Ubiquitous... safely. TioLive is 100% SaaS. You can access it from anywhere with any PC or Smartphone connected to the Internet. It is completely multi-platform and requires no previously installed software other than a Web browser. Jean-Paul Smets adds: “TioLive is also based on trust. At any time, you can retrieve your data. We promise to give you back the information which is yours and the TioLive source code necessary to reuse your data any way you want on your own machines or even through those of ours competitors”.

Beyond its affordability and completeness, TioLive is easy to use. You can learn how to use it in a few hours through freely available online tutorials. More than 4 500 subscriptions to TioLive services have already been performed in over 120 countries.

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Jean-Paul Smets:

  • CEO Nexedi SA and TIOLIVE LLC.
  • Email address: jp@nexedi.com
  • Phone +33 6 29 02 44 25

About TioLive

TioLive is the world leader of Total Information Outsourcing (TIO) solutions based on cutting-edge Open Source Cloud Computing technologies and Free Software Ideals. Born on the Web 2.0, TioLive provides a consistent range of business applications which are delivered through a straightforward Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. TioLive integrates seamlessly an ERP, a CRM, a CMS, business email, Voice over IP (VOIP) telephony and business chat. TioLive is free of charge for any number of users. TioLive comes with no advertising and no time restrictions. TioLive follows strictly the principles of TIO Libre (www.tiolibre.com) and intends to provide the world with the highest standards in terms of privacy and trade secret protection.


About Nexedi

Nexedi is the creator and leader of the ERP5 open source ERP project. ERP5 has developed and deployed ERP5 for a wide range of industries such as aerospace, apparel, banking, healthcare and government. ERP5 is used in companies of all sizes in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South Americas. The open source nature of ERP5 eliminates licensing costs and provides full freedom to update and customise the system as business requirements change with no single vendor lock-in.

Nexedi provides 24H around-the-clock support to corporations and governments wishing to migrate their mission critical applications to open source software solutions.



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