How To Configure Wendelin With ERP5

Instructions on how to modify the Wendelin standalone default configuration.
  • Last Update:2020-03-30
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

This documentation is obsolete and replaced!

Please use this link for latest up-to-date documentation.

How to change default username's password

Once you have Wendelin up and running, you'll notice the default username is  zope and the password is insecure. This needs to be immediately changed as leaving it like this is not safe.

  • Login to your instance (IP listed by erp5-show -s or using ssh tunel),
  • Navigate to manage/. This is the default Zope management interface, accessible by clicking 'Zope Management Interface'
  • From here, click the acl_users link (in the left navigation bar and also listed in the center of the page)
  • Select the user named 'zope' and set the password to whatever you like

After changing default username's password you need to configure Wendelin instance.

How to configure Wendelin

Wendelin platform is installed using ERP5 Configurator. There are two ways to install Wendelin. Preferred way is to use standalone install in a Virtual Machine. Of course this setup is usable for test purposes only and proper setup includes requesting a webrunner from SlapOS.

Some standalone configuration instructions:

  • From top left select drop down box select 'Check Site Consistency' which will show all inconsistencies which are to be fixed. Select all issues and click on 'Fix Site Configuration'. Wait until no activities are there. It might take less than 5 minutes.
  • From top left select drop down box select 'Configure your Site' and then in next page select Wendelin Configuration.
  • Simply follow the instructions provided for one page installation

That's how we install Wendelin. After this you have a basic Wendelin platform.

How to use Wendelin

You can try to run any of the following examples:

  • portal_skins/erp5_wendelin_examples/game_of_life
  • portal_skins/erp5_wendelin_examples/game_of_life_out_of_core
  • portal_skins/erp5_wendelin_examples/game_of_life_out_of_core_activities

You can look at code for this examples for inspirations for writing your own ones using the quick link in "My favourites" menu -> "Manage Components".

From the same location you can also run live tests by specifying the test name to:  testWendelin or write own code and  test it using developer-Forum.Create.Unit.Tests