Nexedi Announces ERP5 Release 5.5

Nexedi announces the availability of ERP5 Release 5.5. With the introduction of ZODB Components, the release extends ERP5's capabilities for 24/7 operation on clusters. It is the first release offering Chinese and German Internationalisation (Translation and Accounting Integration) through ERP5 Configurator. The introduction of code mirror and ace editor makes ERP5 even more suitable as Open Source private PaaS for developers of business applications.
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Nexedi Announces ERP5 Release 5.5

Nexedi is proud to announce the availability of release 5.5 of the ERP5 Open Source ERP. In 1.888 commits since release 5.4.7. , many ERP5 applications saw significant improvements (Accounting, CRM, DMS, e-Commerce, HR, Payroll, Trade, Web, Blog and Forum among others).

Release 5.5 most notably pushes ERP5's capabilities for 24/7 operation on clusters even further: ERP5 already supports since 10 years the development of business logic, forms and workflows online on live instances and the transparent distribution of changes on all cluster nodes thanks to the use of the ZEO distributed object architecture. With the introduction of ZODB Components, ERP5 Release 5.5 extends these capabilities to the core of ERP5: object schema definitions (property sheets), unit tests, functional tests and extension methods are now managed as distributed objects. This technology enables mainframe-like non-disruptive operation of ERP5's enterprise applications on standard hardware.

With the introduction of code mirror and ace editor for web development, ERP5 becomes even more attractive for developers who would like to set-up ERP5 as a privately owned Open Source PaaS for business applications.

Finally, Release 5.5 is the first release offering Chinese and German Internationalisation (Translation and Accounting Integration) through ERP5 Configurator.

For an overview of changes in this release, see Release Highlights below, for a complete list, checkout the ERP5 Git Log.

Release Information

The following table lists the download links for ERP5 Release 5.5. For more Information on ERP5 Releases and how to install ERP5, see ERP5 Release Information.

ERP5 Release Information
Version Date Announcement ERP5 VM SlapOS Git Tag ERP5 Revision
5.5 2014/11/03 ERP5 Release 5.5 Download From Sourceforge slapos-0.246 8d22b65daad02460c083

To try ERP5, we recommend to use the ERP5 Virtual Machine together with the tutorials of the OSOE Project. It provides a pre-configured ERP5 demo instance based on pre-defined business templates and categories. The Virtual Machine package includes the whole software stack of ERP5 and its dependencies. It is published as VMWare image.

To install the ERP5 VM, follow the tutorial How to install and use the ERP5 VM.

To try and learn ERP5, we recommend to follow the tutorial session of the OSOE project: ERP: Theory, Practice and Configuration.

Release Highlights

  • ERP5 Accounting Added erp5_tax_return business template: Generic handling of VAT return in ERP5.
  • ERP5 Accounting: Relate projects to accounting transactions for project based reporting and cost control.
  • ERP5 Accounting: Add validators for IBAN & BIC.
  • ERP5 Accounting: Added aged balance report.
  • ERP5 Asset: Add erp5_research_item business template for managing research assets.
  • ERP5 Budget: Improvements to budget consumption report.
  • ERP5 Commerce: Improve support for multilingual online shops and user logins.
  • ERP5 Configurator: Integration of Chinese and German Translation and Accounting Plan in Standard SMB Configurator.
  • ERP5 Configurator: New Configurator Flavour: eBusiness Lotse.
  • ERP5 Core: Transition of most business templates to ZODB Components: Property Sheets, Unit Tests and Extensions moved from the File System into ERP5's object data base ZODB
  • ERP5 Core: Add History View for each document in the ZODB object database.
  • ERP5 Core: Improvements of handling big data files (multiple GB) in ERP5.
  • ERP5 CRM: Improve management of communication plans.
  • ERP5 CRM: Improve response events (manual sender selection and automatic content type selection).
  • ERP5 DMS: Enable streaming of video files.
  • ERP5 Email Reader: Improve support with various IMAP Servers (thanks to Boris Kocherov from raskon).
  • ERP5 Forum: Improve displaying of discussion threads.
  • ERP5 HR: Improvements to presence control, time management and ERP5 Calendar.
  • ERP5 Project: Translation of Requirement Lists directly in ERP5.
  • ERP5 Payroll: Fix cumulated taxable net salary in reports.
  • ERP5 Release: First release available directly through susestudio.
  • ERP5 Security: User Interface Improvements on handling logins: Ignore leading- and trailing white space in logins.
  • ERP5 Security: Added plug-in for access tokens.
  • ERP PaaS: The use of Ace editor makes through the web editing of Python Scripts, unit tests, functional tests, extension methods and web pages more comfortable by enabling syntax checking with PyLint and syntax highlighting and comfortable search and replace.
  • ERP PaaS: Added erp5_code_mirror business template: alternative editor for web programming.
  • ERP5 Trade: Pricing: Add pricing optimisation preference.
  • ERP5 Web: Improve front pages of blogs.

For a full list of changes see the ERP5 Git Log.


For this release we would like to especially acknowledge the work of Boris Kocherov from raskon to improve ERP5 Email Reader support for various IMAP Servers.

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Nexedi is a major contributor to the SlapOS technology, a distributed Cloud Computing system compatible with the leading market standards and designed for resilience and reversibility for critical applications.

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