Opportunity: Drone Swarms Developer

  • Last Update:2021-02-22
  • Version:002
  • Language:en


  • Task:Developer Drone Swarms (AI, Edge Computing and real-time Linux)
  • Preferred location:Lille, Paris, Grenoble, Munich, Stuttgart, Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Ajdovscina (Slovenia)
  • Type:Internship
  • Function:Developer
  • Duration:3-6+ Months/Permanent
  • Reference:Offer-2021-Drone.Swarm


Nexedi offers internships for students or future engineers interested in open source software with possible employment at the end of the internship. The content of each internship is adapted to each personality and to the duration of the internship.

These internship topics can also be the first mission when hiring a confirmed developer on a permanent contract who is already heavily involved in the field of open source software.

The goal of this research topic is to automate the behaviour of drone swarms through a combination of AI and Edge Computing. This topic has multiple aspects and can lead to multiple internships. The current problems to solve include:

  • attaching an on-board computer to a drone (quadcopter or fixed-wing);
  • organising test flights and telemetry of drones in real-world;
  • setting-up a latency optimised radio network between drones;
  • setting-up a big data lake to capture telemetry data and metadata;
  • using machine learning and telemetry data to calibrate a drone simulator;
  • simulating drone swarm behaviour with adaptive algorithms;
  • using artificial life to optimise adaptive algorithms;
  • extending SlapOS edge computing system with hard real-time.

The internship will focus on one of these topics and may involve a second topic in the list. The choice of the topic will depend on personal interest.

Applications of autonomous drone swarms in the industry are numerous: counting products in a warehouse, inspecting the quality of car interiors in a factory, inspecting wind turbines, etc. Research on drone swarms also has applications for future transportation systems such as flying taxis. Research on drone swarms is also an excellent platform to extend the capabilities of current edge computing systems towards real-time and time-sensitive networking.


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