Opportunity: Artificial Optical Inspection Developer

  • Last Update:2021-02-22
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Task:Artifical Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Preferred location:Lille, Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Paris
  • Type:Internship
  • Function:Developer
  • Duration:3-6+ Months/Permanent
  • Reference:Offer-2021-Artificial.Optical.Inspection


Nexedi offers internships for students or future engineers interested in open source software with possible employment at the end of the internship. The content of each internship is adapted to each personality and to the duration of the internship.

These internship topics can also be the first mission when hiring a confirmed developer on a permanent contract who is already heavily involved in the field of open source software.

The goal of this research topic is to implement Artificial Optical Inspection (AOI) of motherboards of small computers and routers. The result will be Open Source / Free Software combined with Open Source Hardware (open source industrial robot).

AOI has multiple purposes:

  • detect quality problems (eg. bad soldering, missing part in a package);
  • detect logistic attacks (eg. a "backdoor" component was added to the original design).

AOI is based on various techniques of vision, including - but not only - machine learning (scikit-image, scikit-learn, etc.). A Wendelin data-lake is involved to collect large sets of images. Data Sets will be published as open data.

The project will first target servers by Olimex, the world's largest designer of open source hardware. All PCB layouts of Olimex are available in open source using KiCAD open source PCB design software. Olimex is based on Bulgaria in the nice city of Plovdiv.



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Nexedi is (probably) the leading European open source software publisher with a portfolio of open source technologies of more than 15 million lines of code. Nexedi's open source software makes it possible to avoid any dependence on GAFAM in the field of enterprise computing. They also enable telecom networks to be deployed on open source hardware and with open source software

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We have a zen office with adjacent appartment for remote workers visiting. Office perks include, rubbber ducks to pose your questions, trips to development sprints, office barbecue, quality sustainable coffee and hand-picked tea from our Japanese and Chinese colleagues plus all kind of French tickets we qualify for (Resto, Cadeaux, Wiismile).


We would be happy to hear from you, so drop us a line (along with your CV) at jobs(at)nexedi.com and we will get in touch with you.

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