Opportunity: 5G and Robot Automation Developer

  • Last Update:2021-02-22
  • Version:001
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  • Task:Developer 5G Robot and Automation (real-time Linux, VR, vRAN, PLC)
  • Preferred location:Lille, Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Paris, Bordeaux
  • Type:Internship
  • Function:Developer
  • Duration:3-6+ Months/Permanent
  • Reference:Offer-2021-5g.Robot.Automation


Nexedi offers internships for students or future engineers interested in open source software with possible employment at the end of the internship. The content of each internship is adapted to each personality and to the duration of the internship.

These internship topics can also be the first mission when hiring a confirmed developer on a permanent contract who is already heavily involved in the field of open source software.

The goal of this research topic is to automate the production of 5G base stations with an open-source robot connected to a 5G network. 

Nexedi's Rapid.Space subsidiary produces in Europe a 4G/5G base station that can be used on license-free frequencies. In order to demonstrate the advantages of 5G networks in terms of latency, we would like to set up a pilot assembly line with the following characteristics:

  • some of the assembly tasks of the base station are automated;
  • industrial automation network is based on 5G;
  • virtual reality is used to train the robot;
  • all parts are open-source.

The open-source robot we will use is made by Pollen Robotics in France: https://www.pollen-robotics.com

The 5G network, which connects the different industrial automation components, needs to be extended to support time synchronisation. We plan to use IEEE 1588 v2 for this purpose since it should be compatible with both virtual radio access networks (4G/5G) and wired network (Ethernet). This, however, needs to be carefully assessed. It is not unlikely that some extensions to Linux's implementation of Precision Time Protocol (PTP) are required to support 5G radio.

As part of the internship, we will also ask the intern to evaluate the possibility to integrate robotics (ROS) and industrial automation (PLC) using a strictly open-source approach. One approach could consist in extending ProviewR towards robotics. Another approach could consist of extending ROS towards industrial automation. We expect the intern to help us find the most suitable approach.


About Nexedi

Nexedi is (probably) the leading European open source software publisher with a portfolio of open source technologies of more than 15 million lines of code. Nexedi's open source software makes it possible to avoid any dependence on GAFAM in the field of enterprise computing. They also enable telecom networks to be deployed on open source hardware and with open source software

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We have a zen office with adjacent appartment for remote workers visiting. Office perks include, rubbber ducks to pose your questions, trips to development sprints, office barbecue, quality sustainable coffee and hand-picked tea from our Japanese and Chinese colleagues plus all kind of French tickets we qualify for (Resto, Cadeaux, Wiismile).


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