Opportunity : Compilation and strong typing of the Python language

  • Last Update:2023-01-02
  • Version:001
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  • Title: Compilation and strong typing of the Python language
  • Location: Lille (possibility of accommodation) or telecommuting
  • Type : full time
  • Position: developer
  • Duration: internship (3-6 months) / alternation / employment
  • Reference : Offer-2023-Python.Compilation


Cython+ (https://cython.plus/) is an experimental extension to the Cython compiler originally developed by Nexedi that demonstrated that it was possible to speed up the execution of the Python language by a factor of 100 if types and a concurrent execution model were introduced. Cython+ also demonstrates that it is possible to remove the dependency on the CPython runtime, which opens the way to applications in embedded computing and real-time computing.

A presentation of the Cython+ project is available here: https://erp5js.nexedi.net/P-CYP-Presentation.December.2022?portal_skin=Slide

Nexedi is now looking to consolidate its experience with Cython+ in the form of a Python compiler based on the Python3 syntax and on an already developed concurrent continuations library. We believe that it is possible to reach a first version of the compiler in a few months, provided that we rely on the compilation functions (AST) already present in CPython.

We are looking for a candidate interested in programming language design, with experience in Python or C++ development, and an affinity for open source software. Knowledge of concurrent execution, language design, compilation, type systems, or static analysis will always be useful and welcome.

If you are interested in these topics, contact us!


  • Define the orientation of a brand new language
  • Compile Python code to a concurrent runtime
  • Write standard libraries similar to those of Python
  • Link with the user community


  • Develop in Python, C, C++
  • Participate in the development of a programming language
  • Contribute to complex free and open source software solutions



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