Opportunity : Autonomous Drone Swarms

  • Last Update:2023-01-02
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Title: Autonomous drone swarms
  • Location: Lille (possibility of accommodation), Plovdiv (Bulgaria) or remote
  • Type : full time
  • Position: developer
  • Duration: internship (3-6 months) / alternance / hiring
  • Reference :Offer-2023-Drone-Developer


We are involved in several R&D projects with swarms of autonomous drones (quadcopters, fixed-wing drones) whose navigation uses the edge computing system SlapOS (https://slapos.nexedi.com/) and an IPv6 mesh network with multicast capabilities (https://re6st.nexedi.com/). We have deployed formation flight strategies based on distributed programming and real-time communication (https://www.open62541.org). These flight strategies are first tested with a 3D swarm simulator.

We are looking for developers interested in any of the following topics:

  • Capture and analysis of flight telemetry for flight strategy optimization
  • Massive flight simulation and strategy optimization using artificial life
  • Extending SlapOS for real-time capabilities
  • Adaptation of the 3D simulator to new environments close to reality

This position requires a good knowledge of English in order to integrate in an environment of European partners.


  • Contribute to an open source edge computing architecture for drone swarms
  • Strengthen the real-time support in SlapOS
  • Strengthen the 3D simulation of swarms
  • Deploy a big data system for flight strategy analysis and AI/VL


  • Fullstack and devops development (Python, buildout)
  • Front-end development (BabylonJS + vanilla JS, preferably 3D, game development) 
  • Contribution to complex free and open source software solutions
  • Learn IPv6 multicast and OPC-UA networks



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