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SlapOS is ready for developers who are planning to port their applications to the Cloud. It can help them save tremendous time to turn an existing application into PaaS or SaaS, and start billing new customers. In addition, SlapOS can also solve the increasingly complex problem of software packaging for multiple GNU/Linux distributions by providing a simple way to create universal RPM/DEB packages and test them.

SlapOS Developer Program was created to support developers in the current context of SlapOS which can be currently (June 30th 2011) characterized by a relative lack of documentation. By teaming with SlapOS core development team and using the existing platform, developers can benefit from online support and port their applications to SlapOS in a matter of hours. Our experience and success stories show that third party developers who teamed with SlapOS core developers could bring their software to the Cloud while others faced difficulties to understand SlapOS due to lack of tutorials. We thus recommend for the time being to subscribe to and request (Free) membership to the SlapOS Developer Release Program. Nexedi can also provide commercial support for very tight time-to-market requirements.

In a couple of months, based on current developer experience and questions, documentation and tutorials will be extended to help other developers join SlapOS without the need to be in contact with SlapOS core developers. In order to make this happen faster, we are looking for contributors ready to write documentation and explain the specification of SLAP and SlapOS. The best way to help us is to send your staff to our office or to define joint collaboration projects. SlapOS is a community project. We need your support.