Static Analysis for High Performance Python Code Execution with Cython+

  • Last Update:2022-01-20
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Analysis for High Performance Python Code Execution with Cython+

  • Title : Analysis for High Performance Python Code Execution with Cython+
  • Location : Lille / Paris / Munich / Télétravail
  • Type : full-time
  • Function : Developer
  • Duration : Trainee (3-6 months) / Alternance / Employment
  • Reference : Offer-2022-High-Performance.Python


Cython+ is an experimental extension of the Cython compiler that we are developing at Nexedi as part of a research project. Our goal is to enable parallel multi-threaded execution on multiple cores within the Python ecosystem, currently hindered by Python's GIL.

Cython+ introduces:

  • a class system usable in multi-core execution without the GIL with static typing and automatic reference counting, compiled in C++
  • seamless interoperability with Python: our objects can be seen as both statically typed objects and Python objects
  • an asynchronous execution model centred around the concept of active objects (actors)
  • an implementation of an M:N scheduler inspired by Go
  • a type system for thread-safety inspired by Rust and Pony (under development)

The idea is to facilitate the gradual migration of existing Python code or the writing of high-performance Python libraries with a high-performance language close to Python.

We now have a proof of concept and some promising first use cases, but there is still a lot to do (see our roadmap):

  • finalise the thread-safe type system
  • write standard libraries from C or C++ libraries
  • implement an efficient asynchronous I/O system
  • introduce a promise system to suspend while waiting for tasks to finish
  • use or write a powerful multi-threaded memory allocator with minimal contention

We are looking for a candidate interested in programming language design, with experience in Python or C++ development, and an affinity for open source / free software. Knowledge of concurrent execution, language design, compilation, type systems, or static analysis will always be useful and welcome.

If you are interested in these topics, please contact us!


  • Define the direction of a brand new language
  • Implement a concurrent execution runtime
  • Write standard Python-like libraries
  • Liaise with the user community


  • Develop in Python, C++ and Cython+.
  • Participate in the development of a programming language
  • Contribute to complex free and open source software solutions

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