Improving python memory management in a multi-process environment with wendelin.core

Jean-Paul Smets

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Python3 in 2017

A great language if one can accept to:

  • run multiple threads on a single core
  • experience poor performance for arithmetics
  • rewrite all your python2 code
  • learn another language in addition to Javascript

Leaving Python3?

  • Alphabet (Grumpy)
  • Dropbox (dropped pyston)

Good reasons to stay with Python3

  • NumPy
  • scipy
  • scikit-learn
  • pandas
  • jupyter
  • etc.

Nexedi Free Software Code Base: 12 Mlc

  • ERP5 ERP and CRM (python2.7)
  • Wendelin Big Data (python2.7)
  • SlapOS Edge Computing (python2.7)
  • re6st reslient network (python2.7)
  • Webrunner web based IDE (python2.7)
  • cloudooo multimedia converter (python2.7)
  • NEO distributed NoSQL database (python2.7)
  • JIO virtual storage (JS)
  • RenderJS light components (JS)
  • OfficeJS web office (JS)
  • NayuOS laptop OS (various)

Python3 in 2017

A great language if one can accept to:



this is how ERP5 works for 15 years

  • scalable
  • reliable
  • clean
  • compute efficient
  • memory inefficient

A Big Array




Python Multithreading


Python Multiprocessing


Adding more RAM


System memory management




GPLv3 with wide exception

  • Free for Free Software (any license)
  • Must sponsor or advertise for Non Free Software

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