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  • Largest Free Software Publisher in Europe
  • About 35 staff around the world
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Teralab Reboots (2016)

SlapOS: a Hyperconvergent OS that really works

  • Deployed since 2009
  • Only two software components: ERP5 (billing) and slapgrid (devops)
  • Everything is a service (VM, DB, storage, CDN, etc.)
  • Convergence and promise based
  • From embedded device to teramemory servers
  • Portable to any POSIX OS
  • Solves Linux Kernel private API mismatch (unlike LXC)
  • R&D costs: < 2 M€ (vs. 4 B$ for OpenStack)

Devops and orchestration that really work

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Application Convergence

Scientific Inspiration

Researcher Teaching Software Architecture
FXTV ORM is fantasy ERP5 Zope / NEO
Metaclasses eliminate DSL ERP5 Meta Types
Jean-Pierre Briot Smalltalk ERP5 python
Classes can define concurrency semantic ERP5 CMFActivity
JPS Classes can encapsulate system interactions ERP5 Interaction Workflows
Mark Burgess Convergence and promises SlapOS SlapOS Promises
Christophe Cérin Grid orchestration SlapOS slapgrid
Juliusz Chroboczek Do not mixup tunneling and routing re6st multi-tunneling


Researcher Teaching Nexedi
Stéfane Fermigier Zope Python
Yoshinori Okuji No upward compatibility adds 10 years to adoption No upgrade notes are best upgrade notes
Enbugging Preventive maintenance and testing
Free Software has come irrelevant HTML5 is the new POSIX
Tariq Krim Free Software communities do not understand Web
Cédric Le Ninivin Chromebook kids just do Web

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