Learn how to implement ERP5 yourself

With ERP5 Starter, we make you independent. The concept of ERP5 Starter is to make you able to implement ERP5 for your company on your own. We guide you through ERP5 so that you understand the best way to use it to improve your business processes. We teach you how to configure ERP5 and how to implement it for your company.

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Learn how to improve your business with ERP5

The initial phase of ERP5 Starter consists in using Nexedi's experience to define the focus of your ERP5 Implementation so that you can reach the best effort/performance ratio for improving your business processes.

Based on our extensively researched ERP5 Starter Questionnaire, we use a well defined fill-out/review cycle to achieve a common understanding of your business needs and the best way to implement ERP5 for your company.

Once all answers to the questionnaire are perfect, we help you to do a basic ERP5 configuration, named category configuration. This configuration will help you to understand what to do next in order to make ERP5 match your needs perfectly.

Based on the answers to the questionnaire Nexedi will develop a project plan for your ERP5 implementation training. This plan defines estimated time and training cost for each step of your ERP5 Starter project.

During the initial phase, you'll also work through some general user tutorials to get a better understanding of ER5, its underlying model, and how it can be used for your project.

Learn how to implement ERP5 for your company.

The project plan, which we design for your specific implementation needs, defines general milestones for your ERP5 Starter training. These milestones are based on Nexedi's experience with previous successful implementation projects and are meant to help you with the planning of your own ERP5 implementation project.

For each milestone, Nexedi will assign tasks for you that you need to accomplish to reach a certain training milestone. This makes sure that you can accomplish the ERP5 implementation project with the help of Nexedi. A task can be for example to read a certain tutorial, to create or modify a workflow or to create a module. If you cannot accomplish a task, e.g. because of a bug in ERP5, than Nexedi will help you to resolve the problem. For example,Nexedi will show you how to write a unit test for this bug and Nexedi engineers will fix the bug based on this unit test.

Process improvement driven Implementation

ERP5 Starter is designed for an ERP5 Implementation which is driven by the objective to improve your business processes. The initial questioning process with our extensively researched ERP5 Starter Questionnaire allows for a decent understanding of your business processes. Nexedi's experts use your answers to analyse, how ERP5 can be implemented to improve your company's business processes.

If you want to go for a requirement driven implementation, where Nexedi makes an offer, based on an analysis of requirements lists, contact us us to know about our ERP5 Enterprise Services.

Is ERP5 Starter for me?

For small businesses, ERP5 Starter is the most affordable way to implement an ERP or a CRM while reducing risks. ERP5 Starter innovative coaching process will empower you to implement an initial ERP5 configuration in 1 day to 1 week. In this time, Nexedi will provide you an individual training plan for your implementation project.

For medium and large companies, ERP5 Starter is the most efficient way to build an autonomous team of in-house developers capable of adapting ERP5 to complex business requirements without excessive risks.

Whether small or big, ERP5 starter is for you, if:

  • You want to be independent.
  • You want complete control over your ERP.
  • You want to reduce implementation risks.
  • You want to gain the knowledge to install and configure your ERP on your own.

If you rather want to give your ERP5 implementation project into the hands of the creators of ERP5, contact us us to know about our ERP5 Enterprise Services.

What does ERP5 Starter cost?

The initial cost of ERP5 Starter is 500€. This covers the Initial Phase of the ERP5 Starter service. It includes the questionnaire fill-out/review process and  will lead to configuring your ERP5 instance with appropriate categories and make a plan of future training steps you need to implement ERP5 for your company.

Further training costs are defined in the training plan. It defines cost and time expectations for each training step of your ERP5 Starter project. The costs are calculated by the number of hours Nexedi will spend on each training step with a rate of 110€/h.

Who will do the actual ERP5 Implementation?

The concept of ERP5 Starter is to train you to make your able to implement ERP5 on your own.

During the ERP Starter Process, Nexedi will contact only with one person at the client side. For a small company, this person is the CEO of the company. He is most able to give good answers to the inital questionnaire and can decide best which are the priorities of the company regarding the ERP implementation.

You can delegate implementation tasks to your company's staff. If you feel that you don't have the required man power in-house to implement ERP5, you can use a local consultant to outsource some tasks during your ERP5 implementation project. However, this requires a strong relationship with mutual confidence between you and your local consultant.

You can not claim any form of support or certification from Nexedi during your implementation. You should consider that only you will be responsible for the success or failure of the implementation.

However, you will get the evaluation of the required effort based on expert experience - thanks to the individual training plan we develop for you by.

If you are a consultant and you want to implement ERP5 for other companies, than our ERP5 Starter service provides a great opportunity for you to learn how to implement ERP5 by implementing it for your own company.